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Overview Cosmetics Responses

Type Melee
Health Tough (130)
Movement Speed Fast (4.1)
Size Huge (0.7)
Gold Battle Coin Icon.png 950
Diamonds Diamond Icon.png 300
Bakko Portrait.jpg
Bakko has a proud history, filled with bravery and courage. Most known for saving hundreds of people from getting slaughtered by the giants in the north. A heroic brawler armed with axe and shield. Bakko uses his shield to outmaneuver opponents and protect his teammates. Watch out for his earth shattering dash attacks, even calm warriors sometimes go berserk.
Hero of Boulder Pass

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Border Black.pngWar Axe icon.png
War Axe
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.35s
Melee attack that deals 9 / 9.7 / 10.4 / 11.2 damage. Successful hits reduce cooldown of link=Blood AxeBlood Axe icon.pngBlood Axe by 0.5s and charge your weapon, increasing the damage of your next link=Blood AxeBlood Axe icon.pngBlood Axe.
Max Weapon Charges: 3
Legendary Bonus: War Axe hits reduce the cooldown of link=BulwarkBulwark icon.pngBulwark by 0.5s.
Ability Border Black.pngBlood Axe icon.png
Blood Axe
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.5s
Throw an axe that deals 13 / 14 / 15.1 / 16.1 damage and inflicts Fading Snare. Deals 5 / 5.4 / 5.8 / 6.2 bonus damage per weapon charge.
Fading Snare: Reduces target's movement speed to 0% and gradually restores over 0.8s.
Legendary Bonus: link=Blood AxeBlood Axe icon.pngBlood Axe hits heal you for 4 health plus 2 additional health per weapon charge.
Ability Border Black.pngValiant Leap icon.png
Valiant Leap
Cooldown icon.png
12s / 10.8s / 9.6s / 8.4s
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.1s
Mobility, AoE
Leap into the air and strike down at target location, dealing 17 / 18.4 / 19.7 / 21.1 damage to nearby enemies and inflicting Snare.
Snare: Reduces target's movement speed by 30% for 1s.
Air Time: 1s
Legendary Bonus: link=Valiant LeapValiant Leap icon.pngValiant Leap grants 35% damage reduction for 2.5s to nearby allies.

• Pulls targets towards Bakko upon impact.

• Goes through (and interrupts) counters and directional shields.
Ability Border Black.pngBulwark icon.png
Cooldown icon.png
10s / 9s / 8s / 7s
Cast Time0.1s
Block, Reflect
Put up your shield and block projectile and melee attacks in front of you. Reflects enemy projectiles and inflicts Stun on enemy melee attackers.
Stun: Target is unable to move or use abilities for 1.2s / 1.3s / 1.3s / 1.4s.
Duration: 1.5s
Legendary Bonus: link=BulwarkBulwark icon.pngBulwark can be recast to use Shield Bash. It deals 8 damage and inflicts 40% Weaken for 2s.
• Units who are immaterial can still be stunned by Bulwark.
Ability Border Black.pngShield Dash icon.png
Shield Dash
Cooldown icon.png
10s / 9s / 8s / 7s
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.2s
Dash forward and grab an enemy, pushing them in front of you. Pushing them into a wall deals 12 / 13 / 13.9 / 14.9 damage and inflicts Stun.
Stun: Target is unable to move or use abilities for 0.45s.
Legendary Bonus: Hitting an enemy with link=Shield DashShield Dash icon.pngShield Dash causes your next link=War AxeWar Axe icon.pngWar Axe to deal 10 bonus damage.
Ability Border Black.pngWar Shout icon.png
War Shout
Cooldown icon.png
16s / 14.4s / 12.8s / 11.2s
Cast Time0.15s
AoE, Shield
Let loose a war shout that grants a Shield to nearby allies, absorbing up to 26 / 27 / 28.1 / 29.1 damage for 3s.
Legendary Bonus: War Shout increases attack speed of link=War AxeWar Axe icon.pngWar Axe and link=Blood AxeBlood Axe icon.pngBlood Axe by 33% and movement speed by 15% for 3s.
70Ability Border Black.pngHeroic Charge icon.png
Heroic Charge
Cooldown icon.png
Cast Time0.8s
AoE, Mobility
Rush forward and grab an enemy, dealing 25 damage and pushing them in front of you. Deals 25 area damage an inflicts Stun when reaching max range or colliding with a wall or another enemy.
Stun: Target is unable to move or use abilities for 0.25s.

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ChampType Border Arrow.png
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