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Overview Cosmetics Responses

Type Ranged
Health Average (120)
Movement Speed Average (3.9)
Size Average (0.6)
Gold Battle Coin Icon.png 4450
Diamonds Diamond Icon.png 700
Destiny Portrait.jpg
An elite sky ranger from the secluded, invisible city of Enza. Many years of rigorous combat training using Magi-tech weaponry makes Destiny an agile and deadly force to be reckoned with. Fed up with the strict regulations of living in Enza, Destiny often escapes the city to blow off some steam and have fun in the arena.
The Sky Ranger

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Border Black.pngPower Blaster icon.png
Power Blaster
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.3s
Projectile attack that deals 16 / 17.3 / 18.6 / 19.8 damage.
Legendary Bonus: Increases projectile range by 20%.
Ability Border Black.pngCharged Bolt icon.png
Charged Bolt
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.4s - 1.2s
Hold to charge a projectile for up to 1.2s to increase damage and range. It deals 8 - 30 / 8.6 - 32.4 / 9.3 - 34.8 / 9.9 - 37.2 damage and inflicts Silence. A silenced target is unable to use abilities for 0.5-1s.
Legendary Bonus: Increases movement speed while casting from 40% to 75%.
Ability Border Black.pngMagnetic Orb icon.png
Magnetic Orb
Cooldown icon.png
12s / 10.8s / 9.6s / 8.4s
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.1s
Compress yourself into an orb. Removes movement impairing effects and increases movement speed by 125%. Deals 14 / 14.6 / 15.1 / 15.7 damage to the first enemy hit and knocks them back.
Duration: 2s
Legendary Bonus: link=Magnetic OrbMagnetic Orb icon.pngMagnetic Orb can be recast to leap to target location, knocking nearby enemies back upon landing.
Ability Border Black.pngSky Strike icon.png
Sky Strike
Cooldown icon.png
10s / 9.5s / 9s / 8.5s
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.1s
Counter the next melee or projectile attack. Countering an attack vaults you into the air. Then, jump towards move direction and fire a plasma blast that deals 22 / 23.8 / 25.5 / 27.3 damage and knocks enemies back.
Counter Duration: 1.2s
Air Time: 0.6s
Legendary Bonus: Firing link=Sky StrikeSky Strike icon.pngSky Strike creates a protective barrier in front of you that slows down enemy projectile for 2.5s.
Ability Border Black.pngLockdown icon.png
Cooldown icon.png
10s / 9.5s / 9s / 8.5s
Cast Time0.1s
Deploy a Plasma Prison at target location. The prison inflicts Stun to enemies that exit that area.
Duration: 2.5s
Stun: Target is unable to move or use abilities for 0.7s.
Legendary Bonus: Allies that move through Lockdown have movement speed increased by 30% and are granted a Shield for 3.5s. The Shield absorbs up to 16 damage.
Ability Border Black.pngTransform Weapon icon.png
Transform Weapon
Cooldown icon.png
Cast Time0.1s
Transform your blaster into a defensive form and gain a Shield. The blaster deals 8 / 9 / 9.9 / 10.9 damage to enemies and grants a Shield to allies. Successful hits to any target grant you additional Shield value.
Duration: 3.5s
Shield Duration: 3.5s
Shield Value: 8 / 9 / 9.9 / 10.9
Shield Max Value: 40
Legendary Bonus: Discharge a nova of bolts when activated.
70Ability Border Black.pngPinball icon.png
Cooldown icon.png
Cast Time0.8s
AoE, Mobility
Compress yourself into an orb and dash forward at supersonic speed. Deals 30 / 25 / 20 / 15 damage and inflicts Stun. Bounces off walls up to a total of 2 times. Damage is reduced for every wall hit. Transforms you into link=Magnetic OrbMagnetic Orb icon.pngMagnetic Orb at the end of its duration.
Stun: Target is unable to move or use abilities for 0.6s.

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