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Overview Cosmetics Responses

Type Melee
Health Average (120)
Movement Speed Very Fast (4.2)
Size Average (0.6)
Gold Battle Coin Icon.png 5800
Diamonds Diamond Icon.png 900
Jamila Portrait.jpg
A young assassin from the Shadowblade clan, Jamila suddenly found herself the new leader after the death of her mother, the previous matriarch. As the youngest leader in the clan’s history, some call her too inexperienced and undeserving of the title. Determined to silence those detractors, Jamila enters the arena to prove her mastery of the Shadow Arts.
The Shadowblade Assassin

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Border Black.pngAssassin's Cut icon.png
Assassin's Cut
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.15
Three quick stabs that deal 5 / 5.4 / 5.8 / 6.2 damage each, followed by a heavy strike that deals 15 / 16.2 / 17.4 / 18.6 damage.
Legendary Bonus: Your fourth strike also throws a dagger that deals 5 damage and heals you for the same amount.
Ability Border Black.pngShuriken icon.png
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.5
Throw a bouncing shuriken, dealing 16/12/8 / 17.3/13/8.6 / 18.6/13.9/9.3 / 19.8/14.9/9.9 damage and inflicting Snare.
Snare: Reduce target's movement speed by 30% for 1.5s.
Legendary Bonus: link=ShurikenShuriken icon.pngShuriken returns to you afterward, healing you for 10 health.
Ability Border Black.pngElusive Strike icon.png
Elusive Strike
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.1s-0.8s
Hold to charge a dash for up to 0.8s to increase damage and distance. It deals 8-16 / 8.3-16.6 / 8.6-17.3 / 9-17.9 damage and dashing in to a wall triggers a wall jump that inflicts Incapacitate.
Incapacitate: Target is unable to move or use abilities for 2s. Any damage taken breaks this effect.
Legendary Bonus: link=Elusive StrikeElusive Strike icon.pngElusive Strike can be recast to perform a short dash strike. It does 8 damage and inflicts Lesser Battlerite Border Red.pngAssassin's Cut icon.pngPhantom Cut, dealing 12 damage after 2s.
Ability Border Black.pngShadow Dance icon.png
Shadow Dance
Cooldown icon.png
10s / 9.5s / 9s / 8.5s
Cast Time0.1
Counter the next melee or projectile attack. When you counter an attack, gain Immaterial for 0.75s, turn invisible and increase your movement speed by 35% for 2.5s. Your next link=Assassin's CutAssassin's Cut icon.pngAssassin's Cut while invisible becomes Shadow Slice, dealing 12 / 13.4 / 14.9 / 16.3 damage and inflicting Battlerite Border Red.pngAssassin's Cut icon.pngPhantom Cut.
Phantom Cut: Deals 18 / 20.2 / 22.3 / 24.5 damage after a 2s delay.
Counter Duration: 1.2s
Ability Border Black.pngHook Shot icon.png
Hook Shot
Cooldown icon.png
10s / 9s / 8s / 7s
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.4
Launch a hook that deals 8 damage and pulls you and the enemy together. You strike after colliding, dealing 8 damage. Hook Shot can be used to pull yourself to a wall.
Legendary Bonus: link=Hook ShotHook Shot icon.pngHook Shot inflicts Root for 1.2s.
Deadly Blow
Cooldown icon.png
12s / 11.4s / 10.8s / 10.2s
Cast Time0.7
Strike forward with both weapons. Deals 16 / 17.9 / 19.8 / 21.8 damage, inflicts Stun and heals yourself for 16 / 17.9 / 19.8 / 21.8 health on hit.
Stun: Target is unable to move or use abilities for 0.25s.
Legendary Bonus: Increases Stun duration of link=Deadly BlowDeadly Blow icon.pngDeadly Blow by 0.5s.
70Ability Border Black.pngStalking Phantom icon.png
Stalking Phantom
Cooldown icon.png
Cast Time0.5
Summon a phantom that dashes forward, dealing 16 damage and stopping behind the first enemy hit. Upon arrival, it chases and strikes enemies in bursts for 16 damage up to 3 times.
Duration: 4.5s

ChampType Border Sword.png
Bakko Croak Freya Jamila Raigon Rook Ruh Kaan Shifu Sirius Thorn Ulric
ChampType Border Arrow.png
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